Rich & Karol Felton


Welcome to Felton Angus Ranch! We are a family operation raising registered Angus cattle since 1952. Located in scenic Big Sky Country, we ranch on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Springdale, Montana and on the Tongue River in Miles City, Montana. 

Here at Felton Angus Ranch, we are an independent-minded operation known as an outcross Angus genetic source with a working class attitude. We use solid Angus bloodlines not seen in other places. We are proud of our genetic program that may not be so well known in Angus circles or grace the cover of the latest “Sire of the Month” magazine. That’s what we do at Felton Angus Ranch. We offer a consistent product year after year that other people don’t offer. We know what works and we know what works for you. We produce working class cattle for the working class rancher.


The Felton’s came to Montana from the Carolina’s back in the 1800’s and lived in several parts of the western half of the state. Raymond and Margaret Felton began farming around Charlo in 1942 and had a thriving milk cow business. They had two sons, Maurice and Richard. The family eventually phased out the dairy cattle and began selling Angus bulls near Missoula during the 1950’s where they would top the local markets with the cattle they raised.

They currently ranch in both Miles City and Springdale, Montana. The Springdale, Montana ranch was purchased in 1972 and is their present day sale location.

Jim Felton Family

The Felton’s still run a “hands-on” family operation. Fencing, night calving, and farming are just a few of the ranch chores still attended to by one of the family. The Tongue River Ranch is home to Rich & Karol Felton. Jim & Susie Felton make their home on the Springdale operation.

Ranching is hard work and extra hands are frequently needed. Rich & Karol’s daughters (Bobi Jo (Felton) Boeh and Kelly (Felton) Hursh) and their families pitch in whenever needed.

The 4th generation of the Felton clan is growing up fast. Rich & Karol count two grandsons and four granddaughters to their growing brood of little helpers who are already outside, inthe dirt, checking on bulls, snow or shine.


Cow Herd

Our registered herd runs in big, rugged country with cold winters. Cows receive ground hay in the winter but otherwise earn their living on the range. The bulls are developed on summer range then receive a minimal amount of ground hay, corn silage and cracked corn prior to auction. The thickness of our bulls is bred on not fed on.

Our cattle are known to be hardy. Rich Felton will tell you, “The bulls are stout and have a lot of length and muscle. They’ve got a lot of rear-end in them. They are clean sheathed, can travel well, and run in the hills all summer with no supplements. We produce a stout set of bulls that can go into any part of the world. They will hold up and get your cows bred. They will wean up a top set of calves”. Our bulls are bred to go to work and rustle a living, producing calves that will put pounds on the ground.

Felton Bulls

Putting pounds on the ground is what we do best. Felton Angus Ranch bulls can add upwards of 100 pounds to your weaning weights. One of our Montana neighbors and valued customers weans off over 500 head of steers on an 1100 cow outfit, averaging 722 pounds at weaning. Pretty impressive! Our philosophy is simple. We produce a product that gets out there and works to make you money. We want our bulls to add pounds, be sound, and sire calves that hit the feedlot to gain well and have a good carcass on them. Our bulls wrap everything up in one package.

Our sale is the second Monday in February. Bring your family and friends to join us for lunch and our bull, heifer and horse sale at the ranch in Springdale. Or watch the sale live via Superior Livestock on RURAL-TV. Visit with us on Facebook and get a first hand look at life on Felton Angus Ranch. We'll see you there!

Boeh Family

Hursh Family