Jindra Manifest

CALVED: 02/01/2014
REG. #: 17969006
DESCRIPTION: Manifest has been a sizzler from day one. He is one of the sleekest and cleanest made performance bulls around. Every fine detail about him is picture perfect. He comes with a great disposition out of a bright young Premium Cut daughter that is super productive.


  Connealy Dublin 8223
Connealy Guinness  
  Panda of Conanga 3609
  Jindra Premium Cut
Jindra Enchantress J 301 025  
  Jindras Enchantress J 102



CALVED: 2/3/11
REG. #: 17143439
DESCRIPTION: Purchased as the high seller at $25,000 from Apex Angus 2012 sale. 4401 is one of the thickest bulls around. His calves are pushing down the scales at weaning time. Big weaning weight!


  Apex 450 Wide Track 052
Apex Wide Track 545  
  Apexette Blackcap 1080
  Apex Focus 053
Apexette Blackcap 5008  
  Apexette Blackcap 7069

Vin-Mar O’Reilly Factor, sire of Hyline O’Reilly Factor 270
Hyline O'Reilly Factor 270

CALVED: 01/31/2012
REG. #: 17426967
DESCRIPTION: Purchased this bull at the 2013 Midland Bull Test sale. He has developed into a country coverer and bred a lot of cows. Lots of thickness in his sons.


  S A V Final Answer 0035
Vin-Mar O'Reilly Factor  
  Vin-Mar Edella 2827
  Hyline Right Time 338
Hyline Lucy 456  
  Hyline Lucy 763

Felton T881 Bottomline T1062

CALVED: 04/05/2011
REG. #: 17214646
DESCRIPTION: Coming soon


  Felton Bottomline C212
Felton Bottomline T881  
  Felton 216 2028 Pride B300
  Rally Dutchman 4022
Felton 4803 Dutchess T2546  
  Felton A322 Paula 4803

Jindra Double Vision, sire of Jindra Description J 507

Jindra Description J 507

CALVED: 09/11/2012
REG. #: 17591098
DESCRIPTION: We bought this bull at the Jindra Angus bull sale in 2014. He calves unassisted, has lots of bone and covers the country.


  Connealy Reflection
Jindra Double Vision  
  Hoff Rachel 8312 405
  Bon View New Design 208
Jindras Pretty Picture J 304  
  Jindras Enchantress J 807

CCA Pendleton 013

CALVED: 02/06/2010
REG. #: 16787373
DESCRIPTION: We bought this bull from Clear Creek Angus exclusively for using on our heifers. We have never had to help a single heifer in the several years we have used him for breeding our heifers.


  S A V Final Answer 0035
HARB Pendleton 765 J H  
  H A R B Black Lady 375 J H
  Connealy Dateline
Vermilion JK Lass 0312  
  Vermilion Lass 5395

Hyline Image Maker 163

CALVED: 09/29/2012
REG. #: 17730787
DESCRIPTION: The bull we call “Hank” has been a nice addition to the ranch. We have had no problem calving them. Bulls out of him have more power and performance than most Image Makers.


  H A Image Maker 0415
Hyline Image Maker 1048  
  Hyline Pride T L 319
  TC Franklin 619
Hyline Eileenmere 928  
  Hyline Eileenmere 184

Jindra Double Vision

CALVED: 02/08/2010
REG. #: 16748826
DESCRIPTION: Dad saw this bull at Hawkeye West in Billings and said he stood out against all the other bulls. What a powerful bull! Selling a nice set of 2 year old bulls out of him in 2017.


  Bon View New Design 878
Connealy Reflection  
  Happy Grill of Conanga 6260
  Hoff Limited Edition S C 594
Hoff Rachel 8312 405  
  Hoff Miss Expo S C 4223

Stevenson Consensus 3876

CALVED: 02/12/2013
REG. #: 17578527
We bought this bull in 2015 from Stevenson Angus. Total Canadian outcross on the bottom half of his pedigree. Only have a few bulls out of him but with a larger frame cow he clicks.


  Connealy Consensus
Connealy Consensus 7229  
  Blue Lilly of Conanga 16
  F V 20K King 308M
Stevenson Pride Lady U224  
  Stevenson Pride Lady 0662

Connealy Confidence 0100

CALVED: 01/16/2010
REG. #: 16761479
DESCRIPTION: We have A.I.’d this bull to our heifers for several years. Very easy calving! Moderate frame with easy fleshing ability.


  Bon View New Design 208
Connealy Tobin  
  Delia of Conanga 667
  Connealy Thunder
Becka Gala of Conanga 8281  
  Becka Lee of Conanga 37

Wrights Griz 49

CALVED: 01/14/2009
REG. #: 16308667
DESCRIPTION: We purchased this young sire from the 2010 Midland Bull Test. He gained over 4# a day while on test. He had very good ultra sound carcass results. We have several of his daughters in production in our herd and they are proving to be very good producers.


  S A V 8180 Traveler 004
Daveys 008-004-642  
  Chey 379 Bal 008
  Bon View New Design 878
Wrights Haley 1515  
  Daveys 679-151-195

Dutch Flat Frontman 4512

CALVED: 12/15/2011
REG. #: 17300417
DESCRIPTION: We used this young sire on our first calf heifers and the heifers needed NO help and the calves are very vigorous at birth...average BW is 70 pounds. He is one of the service sires on sale heifers. He holds his flesh and has a great temperament.


  Connealy Front Page 0228
Kesslers Frontman R001  
  Kesslers Bell 0024
  B/R New Frontier 095
Dutch Flat Star Ambush 0510  
  Dutch Flat Star Ambush 7107
Connealy Capitalist 028

CALVED: 01/11/2010
REG. #: 16752262
DESCRIPTION: We used this bull on heifers and they calved easy. His sons are moderate framed and should make good heifer bulls.


  Sitz Traveler 8180
S A V Final Answer 0035  
  S A V Emulous 8145
  C R A Bextor 872 5205 608
Prides Pita of Conanga 8821  
  Prides Trav of Conanga 6499